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About Us

REPTAQUATICS.COM is located in the beautiful state of South Carolina. With twenty years experience, we have kept and bred many reptiles, fish, insects and corals.

We offer imported and captive breed animals with an emphasis on captive bred animals. Our mission is to offer our customers the knowledge and expertise we have acquired. We want REPTAQUATICS.COM to reflect us and the business values we believe in. REPTAQUATICS.COM strives to produce high quality animals, provide usable products, and retain honesty and integrity while working with our customers.

REPTAQUATICS.COM was formed to bring you the best cold blooded livestock, merchandise, and up to date information available online.

ReptAquatics' knowledge extends beyond exotic animal care. Our team is able to draw upon years of skills, trades and experiences ranging from website design and infrastructure technologies, retail and wholesale experience in the pet industry as well as backgrounds in biology, botany, herpetology, marine biology, business management and secondary education.

Bill Rosser has been involved with native and exotic animals for 20 years. He has veterinary experience and has participated in the development of several retail stores that catered to the needs of reptiles and fish. Throughout his career in the exotic animal industry, he has accumulated a vast amount of expertise in the fields of natural histories, captive husbandry and propagation. With this, he hopes to bring awareness to the plight that many of these animals face due to the impact of urbanization and is now focusing on conservation through publication, education and captive propagation.

Bill currently operates, a South Carolina-based company specializing in reptiles, aquatic life and exotic plants. ReptAquatics offers a vast amount of information, services, livestock, and supplies, as well as aquarium maintenance for both residential or commercial displays, educational displays and presentations as well as snake control and removal.

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