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How to vitamin enrich your food

fish vitamenMany brands of fish flakes and pellets are already vitamin enriched. However, freeze dried foods, frozen and fresh foods many not be. Freeze dried foods and frozen foods such as krill for example may be nutritional, and have some naturally occurring vitamins in them, but not a broad spectrum of vitamins. The freezing process is also know to break down some vitamins and fresh foods are not supplemented at all.

Enriching fish food with vitamins is easy, beneficial and sometimes necessary. To do so, simply place your food items in a tupperware container add a little water, just enough to cover the food. Add your vitamins as per the package directions... probably just a few drops or so. Mix well. Cover and put in the fridge for about 24 hours. Kept refridgerated, your fish food will keep for about a week.

Upon feeding time, drain as much liquid of the food as possible, as this will only aid in water pollution. You might even place the food on a paper towel to remove extra liquid. Don't worry, the vitamins have been absorbed by the food and will not be sucked out by the paper towel. We do not recommend soaking flakes or pellets in vitamens as they will soften and turn to mush.