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How to find your pet a new home

Have you ever heard the expression "They grow up so fast"... or "It seems like yesterday they were just a little baby"? Well, not only does it hold true with children but is universal with many pets. That cute little 10 inch baby green iguana is now a 5 foot lean, mean, green eating machine. Or what about that oscar cichlid? It's now as big as a dinner plate and 3 inches thick. The reality is many people do not understand that these animals, among others are victims of a popular myth; that they only grow to the size of their tank. This is absurd. Try this... take a guppy and put it in a 100 gallon aquarium. It will still only grow to about 1 inch and not 1 foot. By placing an animal in restrictive enclosures will not alter their genetic potential. If an animal is kept in clean and sanitary conditions, receives the proper diet with appropriate vitamins, they grow... and many grow fast at that.

If you find that you are no longer able to care for your pet for any reason at all, maybe your moving to an area where that kind of animal is not allowed, it is NOT okay to release it unless it is native to that immediate area. Most zoo's are now over crowed with large reptiles and your pet will be turned away.

ReptAquatics has been rescuing and providing homes for reptiles, fish, birds and small animals for over 10 years. If you find that you are in a position where your pet needs a new home, contact us for more information at: